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I started my career [yeah, that whole money-making affair] as a Python Developer. Got turned on to it by a very dear friend/mentor [Spock, you rule!]. Got my first Python job a week into learning about the Py. Been a Python guy since! Python has provided the means to realize ideas quickly, and with minimal peripheral know-how. I've explored Python on several levels: domains, devices and platforms. Python gave me a sense of freedoms that went beyond those I already knew. I tend to see parallels with Rock n Roll, films, and art in general. With Python, one could be an artist, really. When you find the million other people around you completely identifying with something that gives you your kicks, that goes the extra furlong!

Some of the implementations I have achieved with Python:

I came to know about the Arduino world via Rahul about a year and a half ago. We went out and got ourselves a Freeduino and played with it for a while, and then the enthusiasm just died. We knew that it could do big things, but bigger things in life seemed to steal priority. I got back into the groove around the end of July 2013. I did some major inexpensive shopping and have been experimenting with common Arduino apps since. Here are some videos with basic Arduino based environment sensing circuit prototypes. All of the circuits and most of the Arduino sketches are taken straight from the internet! Please feel free to refer to those and spread the info far and wide!!

Arduino + LDR + Python + RhythmBox

Freeduino Fish Feeder Prototype

Freeduino + LDR Prototype

Arduino + Piezo = Vibration sensing Prototype

Arduino + LM35 = Temperature sensing Prototype

Arduino + PIR sensor = Motion Detection Prototype

Arduino + Sparkfun Electret Microphone BOB = Sound sensing Prototype

Cygnus X1 – Ultrasonic eyes – Wiring

Cygnus X1 – Ultrasonic eyes – Assembly

Cygnus X1 – Ultrasonic eyes – Test

Some recordings I did at home. I am primarily focusing on Rush [duh!] tunes. There are some of my own songs in the works, which you will see here as and when they are done. Hope you enjoy!

Most definitely my favorite website for anything Rush, Rush Is A Band provides upto the day Rush news! The Dangerous Trio have a Dangerous fanbase, and RIAB is certainly the spearhead of that fanbase! Thanks Ed for your enthusiasm!!

Here is the RIAB newsfeed:

Foo Fighters cover Rush's Tom Sawyer in Rio de Janeiro last night

Rush reference and Tom Sawyer played in latest episode of HBO's Togetherness

Alex Lifeson talks R40 Live tour in new Q107 interview

Updates and other random Rush stuff

New Neil Peart R40 drum kit, Lifeson amp and Geddy Lee bass at NAMM

The "Rassa Trail" is a mad pursuit of the delicacies the Indian sub-continent has to offer. "Rassa" is a meat based preparation, which originates from the state of Maharashtra in India. Coming from a small town in North Karnataka [which borders on Maharashtra towards the south], I grew up with this fine delicacy. When I moved to Pune, I went on a rassa-hunting rampage, discovering small, seemingly unknown places that served the finest rassa there was. As is the case with a lot of other things, over time, it seemed unfair to pursue just rassa and not the other food. So now, "Rassa" is a generic terminology for me, which basically means "Awesome food"!

I built an Android application, which lets me geocode these fine eateries and publish them here. And though I have only started, I plan to build on this mad repository of restaurants over time.

The Rassa Trail

Malvani Gazali
Green Park
University Canteen
Ramesh Chai Tapri
Rustambaug Bistro
Take 5
Nandini Palace
Star of cochin

Hey there! My name is Ajay J. Deshpande though I fancy "Analog Kid" because of my obsession with Rush. I am an open-source (big Python fan!) developer, a guitar player, a movie buff and an aquarist [Oscars in particular] and in the words of "Canada's largest export":
"He's a rebel and a runner
He's a signal turning green
He's a restless young romantic
Wants to run the big machine
He's got a problem with his poisons
But you know he'll find a cure
He's cleaning up his systems
To keep his nature pure"

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